Editor's Note

The summer is no time for sitting around, so this little note o’ mine isn’t going to keep you here for too long. There’s just too much to do—flashy movies on a hot Saturday night, carnival midways abuzz with lights and action, cross-country road trips, drinks out on the town, and there are even some of us who suffer through long nights at work alone. We’re everywhere doing everything in the summer, and I think this issue taps into that energy. There are no reviews, interviews, or special additions in this issue because the summer is all about the moment, living in the now. So check out these amazing writers and let them inspire you to go out there and experience summer in all its sultry, restless glory.

Thanks for dropping by the Camp, and I’ll see you down the road…

James H Duncan

PS: A special thanks to Jeffrey Alfier for the cover photo.

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