Emily Severance

Albuquerque Bad News

A few cacti may have the tourists fooled, but
the locals have to ingest cat piss drugs to get by.

Are you shooting for the Guinness Record of most
strip malls within a city limit? Most depressing drives in America?
Who chained all these cement blocks to the Sandia’s feet?

Is it the famous Albuquerque box effect that makes me yearn
to spin the wheel and slam my car into the closest box store?

Anything to break the

square mentality

square banality

square finality.

No wonder DWI’s the favored form of recreation
in this land of stalled tumbleweeds.

Emily Severance has a BA from The Residential College at The University of Michigan and an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has had poems published by Breadcrumb Scabs, Defenestration, and Muddy River Poetry Review. She teaches elementary special education in New Mexico.

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