John Grey


I saw the chicken with two heads.
It was the hit of the fair.
Imagine being able to cackle to yourself
and actually get a reaction.
Or maybe, on the low slow nights,
knowing there was somebody
with their head permanently on your shoulder.
So what if it was just yourself.
While watching the act,
I figured you decapitate one of
those chicken noggins
and it'd be the first chicken
in history to run around
like a chicken with its head chopped off
and describe the experience.
All through the show,
I could hear someone clucking
it was a fake head glued on.
Well of course a one-headed chicken would say that.

John Grey is an Australian born poet and a US resident since late seventies. He works as a financial systems analyst. Recently published in Xavier Review, White Wall Review and Writer’s Bloc with work upcoming in Poem, Prism International and the Cider Press Review.

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