James H Duncan

Peanut Shells

my heart sags, hangs from the ribs
slumped like Charlie Brown
against his stone wall as
the autumn of our discontent falls
beneath our feet, fat fiery maple leaves
yellow, red, and dead
Lucy, I always knew you’d leave nothing
behind but one-sided love when
you offered your hand
to hold in the frail September rain
and I’m not the only one
slumped here along a wall that goes
forever, and though we know we’ll somehow fail,
Halloween is on the way, a time to reshape
our wavering footsteps,
a time to shrug off the ghost   
so I tell my friends as I chamber another blood
red sunset and aim for the heart—
leave your blanket behind; it is always
Sunday where we’re going

For more of James H Duncan's work, visit http://jameshduncan.blogspot.com.

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