Mary Shanley

I Will Return to Chanting

I will return to chanting

a windmill in an empty field

a pioneer drawn to the frontier

a flock of pigeons scatter

in father demo square

i will return to chanting

in the presence of Avalokiteshvara

I have one thousand hands, with eyes

in the center of each palm

and I am always watching out for you

and you are always watching out for me

so let's go outside and play

until it's time to go home

i will return to chanting

western culture all fall down

no hometown

no more ground

western culture all fall down

masks off and everyone in the pool

I will return to chanting

the Mahayana temple upstate

where you served me tea,

your shaved head, yellow robe

a teenage monk.

you mostly live in silence

I mostly live in noise

I will return to chanting

before Scott died

I held his hand and felt

a surge of energy burning

into me like an electric

current and from that moment

Scott forever joined my journey.

two for the price of one

thirty for the price of five

everybody is a crowd now!

Hey! Make way for me

and my crowd!

I will return to chanting

I am only what you think

but I am much more than

I could ever have possibly

have imagined.

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