Editor's Note

Yeah, it’s not 2011 anymore, but here’s the Winter 2011 Issue, fashionably late to a fault. It’s a shorter issue regardless of the fact that we received far more submissions than ever before. This isn’t to say the submissions were not of high-quality, but I really wanted to raise the bar and only allow the poems that could survive round after round of stringent cuts, and so we have a mere nine poems by five poets, all of them classic Hobo Camp pieces. I turned away a batch of good poems because I wanted to post only my absolute favorite poems that rolled in this fall. I hope you enjoy them too.

I also have a review of Jason Ryberg/Joshua Rizer’s collection Down, Down and Away, a must have book for anyone who has enjoyed the kind of poetry we aim to display in HCR.

That’s all folks, short and sweet. Stay warm, stay true, and I’ll see you down the road…

James H Duncan

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