Jeremiah Walton


Exiting hobocamp
railyard, home-base
tag played with cerulean
stars shining, false-gold
laying super novas
Shot gun shells 
fire warnings into the camp.

Flee!  Flee!
To euthanasia 
sawdust streets

Flee!  Flee!
God's spotlight eyes
are upon us.

January's nights curl
in snow blankies
rubbing frosty dirt 
against fertilizers.

We carry ideas
like white woman
carry bourgeois moral 
straps lacing
between breasts.

4 a.m. stars are most beautiful

Entering hobocamp
under white dune.
Moon shining, a
cracked flashlight
observing writhing
masses of campers.

These are Gatsby's Abandoned Children.

Originally published by Underground Books in the chapbook "Gatsby's Abandoned Children." Jeremiah Walton is the editor of Nostrovia!  

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