Note from the Editor

Stringing together a common theme among the random poems and pieces of fiction that come our way can be difficult at times, even when a theme is on-call in our submission guidelines, but the pieces in this issue have most certainly congealed into a shadow cast out from that looming unknown within - or beyond - all of us. It can be just a wisp of a shadow at times, or as dominant as death itself. Some of the pieces look back on a place nearly forgotten, some look within, and some call from beyond the point of humanity’s limits…living limits, at least. And David M Morton offers a quick look at some eerie, weird fiction that goes beyond that shadow into the realm of downright horror, the “other” as the evil side of the coin. It’s worth a look.

And a special thank you goes out to Olivia Kefauver and PD Lietz, who contributed photos and art to this issue, Lietz’s cover perfectly captures the darker, haunting side of autumn with its blood-red sunset and ramshackle hut out there in the dead fields of autumn. I love it, and I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I do. Thanks again to all of our contributors and readers!

Stay safe, kids.

James H Duncan, Editor

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