Diane Blueshirt-Tyon

Resurrection Trips

Not far from
the graveyards
of every town
we pass through,
from San Bernardino
to Barstow,
and Flagstaff,
to Socorro,

rest the folded clothes
of dead old men,
dead old men
in second hand shops
for me to find
and resurrect them.

Ana’s Poem

The multiverse spins
surrounding the core,
while the gospel
blesses the poor
in spirit…Make my
spirit poor enough.

What are genius
and insight, knowledge
and power
to mice and sparrows?
Better insight with faith
and persistence.

What are buildings
to the elegance and shove
of the wind, what are
marble and steel,
granite and history?
What are we?

“When my time comes,”
the old woman said,
“put up a tent and rest me inside,
tent-flap open to the mountain.
Let me drift and sleep at the edge
of a cliff above a glen.

“And, after, roll me out
and down. Animals
and insects will carry me
home.” Carry me to the
center. Carry me aloft.
Yes, carry me home.

The tramping poems of Diane Blueshirt-Tyon (Diane Solis) have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, excerpted in a book by Judy Reeves about the craft of writing in community, and have been published or are forthcoming in literary journals and magazines, including, America Magazine, The Big Muddy, Emerald Coast Review, and The Lost Country. Diane fell in love the with trains and the trails when she was seven, on her first train trip from L.A. to New Mexico. In 2005 her life partner died. Since then she’s been following in her father’s footsteps, traveling to remote places to photograph and write about the landscapes and wild creatures (including the two-leggeds) she encounters there. Diane Blueshirt-Tyon is her tramping name.

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