Natalie Crick

Kiss The Witch – Part 1

I don't know how they ended up at this place.
A forgotten Disneyland.
After dark it was black as hell.

They were laughing like crazy
On the carousel.
One thousand faces

Shrieked past. The disco ball
Turned to face her like the moon:
Look at me.

They will never get put together again entirely.
Once things were ordinary.
Before her laugh, before that night.

Roll up, roll up
To see the Pig Show.
The music is like electric sugar.

Three friends:
Two whores and a bitch
At the Death Circus.

The pig was all lit up
Like a pink bulb.
She could not walk away.

The Tiger Man
Guarded with a knife
The place where he had hidden his life.

With a big cold eye
Sucked the burning candlestick.

 Three friends:
Two whores and a bitch
At the Death Circus.

Kiss The Witch – Part 2

“O Christ”,
Said the Whore.
She is turning into The Other.

The Magician’s Assistant
Was cutting off her eyelashes
And rocking on her horse

The Grave Digger from the wax house
Is just over there
At the edge of the cliff

Falling into
For sinning with his Uncle.

The Bitch had sex with
The Puppet Master
With a big long tongue.

The Conducter was like royalty
With ten thin black fingers
And a name for his own shadow.

Say my name,
Then you’ll never be afraid again.

Kiss The Witch – Part 3

Three friends:
Two whores and a bitch
At the Death Circus.

Black sparks burned between them
Like wicked stepsisters.
Just for the thrill, thrill, thrill.

The sky is red,
Teeming with all of your lies.
Listen to me, you are nothing special.

You promised.

Her nose began to bleed.
Red blood
Running over her pink lip

Into her mouth
And down her throat.
They were dying of laughter

No one is dead yet.

The old woman screamed:
“Never leave me!
Never, never, never!”

One whore
In dead faint
Beside her on the floor.

You cannot walk away!
Look at me,
You fucking bitch.

Look at me,
You bitch.
Now kiss the witch.

Natalie Crick has found delight in writing all of her life and first began writing when she was a very young girl. Her poetry is influenced by melancholic confessional Women's poetry. Her poetry has been published in a range of journals and magazines including Cannons Mouth, Cyphers, Ariadne's Thread, Carillon and National Poetry Anthology 2013.

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