Joseph Veronneau

Give Them Concord

They drove their ignorance
in a Pontiac Sunfire.

I was walking along Clarke St.
when they stopped in the middle
and asked for directions: Concord, New Hampshire.

Got something to write on?
I said, and started 
giving them directions.

The driver couldn't read very well
and the guy riding shotgun and writing
was having his issues.

When I told them how to get to Interstate 89, 
he wrote

Amateur ink pasted their flesh-
must've both just gotten out.
Clueless, but happy.

Good luck, I told them,
and they needed it.
Whatever happened, I helped, 
and felt decent about it.

From my perspective
we were all better off
with those two
en route to Concord.

Joseph Veronneau holds a BA in Psychology. He ran a small press venture publishing chapbooks for a decade. His poems have appeared in places like The Aurorean, Poet Lore, Red Fez, and others.

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