Matthew Borczon

My reality

some days
my death
my way
of life
I drive
too close
to the
imagining the
cross over
into traffic
or look  for
my face
on every
milk carton
and think
about the
field  they
will find
my body
in fantasizing
often that
I step
into enemy
fire or
on an
IED in Afghanistan
in 2010
I never
make it
to the
hospital but
die alone
under burning

in the
I always
drive home
go to
sleep and
continue the
argument  with
the ghosts
of dead
marines who
are still
angry that
I am
the only
one in
here still

Matthew Borczon has published five books of poetry, A Clock of Human bones, yellow chair review press. Battle lines, Epic Rites press. Ghost train, Weasel press, Sleepless nights and Ghost soldiers from Grey Boaders press and Capp Road from Nixes mate review. He sees ghost every night and fights a war every day.

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