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James H Duncan is the editor of Hobo Camp Review, a former editor with Writer's Digest, an independent bookshop reviewer at The Bookshop Hunter, and a self-described literary hobo, preferring to stick close to diners, used book stores, dive bars, train station platforms, and your couch. He currently resides in upstate New York. Visit www.jameshduncan.com for more info about his books, which include Both Ways HomeWe Are All Terminal But This Exit Is Mine, and Proper Etiquette in the Slaughterhouse Line, among others.

Rachel Nix is the associate editor of Hobo Camp Review. Rachel lives in Northwest Alabama, a place where pine trees outnumber people rather nicely, but is guilty of running off fairly frequently to see the country from other people’s couches. She is an editor for cahoodaloodaling and now Hobo Camp Review. She also edited the international collection America Is Not the World and is finishing off her first collection of poetry. She can be followed at @rachelnix_poet on Twitter.  


  1. Thanks Guys, loving how my poem looks up on your review. Since I was a travel agent and my grandparents had a farm in rural south jersey, they knew all about Hobo Stones or whatever they call them and back in the day, vagrants really did use this signs that would lead them to a farm or away if it wasn't a welcoming place. You all should do a piece on it.

  2. My gramma said the stones themselves were "placed" in way that gave clues. But here are the symbols for them


  3. do you have a search function? I was trying to locate where you published my poetry earlier. Could you send me the link so I post it on my blog, https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com ? and promote your site on my FB writingn groups? thanks

  4. As submissions are currently closed, when might be the best time to check back on an open call? I noticed that you normally have a theme for each issue.


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