Rachel Burns


The sky is a blank canvass
chalky-white lifeless
outside I can see slate grey
roofs of the neighbours' houses
the village green
and the children’s swing frame
and the flowers are all gone
just the red berries on the juniper remain
reminding me of red cherry lip gloss
I wore to my first school disco
At Our Lady’s Immaculate
dancing with John- Paul
who last I heard joined the army.
I have the radio on in the background
and I hear the song
and I’m sorting out chapters
re-reading the words
my protagonist sailing her boat
out to sea- the white sail
buffering against the wind
the whole time fighting the tide
sailing the wrong way
the whole time fighting the waves
words disappearing like a blur from the page.

Rachel Burns is a poet and playwright living in Durham CityEngland. She is currently an Arvon/Jerwood mentee in playwriting. Poems published in UK literary magazines. Shortlisted in competitions Mslexia, Writers' & Artists Yearbook and The Keats- Shelley Poetry Prize 2017.

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