Adam Perkins

Autumn Zen

There is something about fall that I absolutely love. Growing up in the Adirondack Mountains you are right in the heart of the changing seasons. You feel every breathtaking transformation. The frosted majesty of winter, spring's blossoming beauty, and summer's exuberant life; but fall will always be my favorite. Although I love the beautiful tranquility of the mountains, you practically have to drag me out of the house for three of the seasons. During the summer it's always too hot to remain comfortable. Spring has the nasty habit of waiting till you think it's ok to go outside without a jacket and then zapping what little warmth you have in your bones with one stiff breeze. As for winter, well, let's say I'd rather hibernate with the bears.

Fall reminds me of the most important lesson life has to offer: Life is Impermanent! Spring and Summer are so full of life and the hustle and bustle of mother nature at work, but fall is the warning flag. "Humans! Prepare yourself. You will need your strength if you want to survive what is to come." As a Buddhist I never feel more in touch with the lessons of the Buddha and all his teachers who followed than during the months of fall. In each falling leaf we see the reflection of our own short existence, because while most of us will live longer than the leaves on those trees, within the spectrum of this universe, a human life is less than the blink of an eye. I feel humble in the presence of fall. I find myself wandering the mountains and streams behind my home and I feel at peace. Here with the world giving its death rattle. With every chilling breeze that slithers through the trees to meet me I hear one word, "Remember."

Sure you could say my love for Fall borders on the bleak, but I'm no different from most human's on this planet who don't appreciate things till they are already gone. But I also fid that my creativity spikes during those short cold months when the world turns to a whisper. I find myself raging against the dying light! I feel more love for the world and my fellow man. "Come now, life is so fleeting and short, let us join forces in survival and appreciate one another for our differences for either of us could be gone the next time the axes tilts against us."

So I encourage all of you, grab a nice warm pair of boots and a cozy winter cap. Put on a pair of long underwear and some wool socks. Find a jacket and a familiar pair of fingerless gloves, knit by a family member you haven't seen in some time, and step outside. Just walk. I don't care if it's down to the end of your block or up the nearest mountain. Go outdoors and let the cool fall air chill your lungs with each breath. Let the bracing winds nip at your nose. Run your fingers over the bark of a tree saying its goodbye. Kneel in a pile of leaves and feel the moisture gently seep into your jeans. Smile at the setting sun. Most important—live, and remember what it means to be alive.


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