T.C. Renfroe

What Was I Thinking?
I watched the rain streaming out the window
And I tried to remember what it felt like,
Rolling on my face.
I think I knew at some point,
And wrote it down,
Like that quarter you plan to keep forever.
Lately I?ve been trying to remember life:
How the Blue Moon trumpet spun inside my head;
How the snow smelled as the train cut through;
The way my soul took a snapshot
Of the sweat forming and flowing
 From perfect, flawed, suntanned skin
Arched and lips parted, utterly lost
In a little silver trailer on the Arizona desert,
Where the only way to resist the heat
Was to give in completely.
I watched hair matted in front of her closed eyes,
And I thought I would always remember
Salt water rolling down
Like rain outside the window.

Provocateur, barnstormer, daredevil, mystic, dastardly villain, 
sommelier, absintheur, lover, Taylor Renfroe wraps hope and heartache 
in a voice of noir. He currently lives in the Midwest and heads a 
circus sideshow when not writing. View more work at www.port-evenus.com


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