Clifford Brooks

Virago on the Ocean

A virago enjoys smooth indigo.
To contain her knack
to knee-jerk push back,
she wears heavy boots.

Not unhealthy or unwise,
she is seasoned. 
Four unquestionable words
cement the good news
she’s signed with the crew:
I believe in you.

There’s good business
in smart romance.
Sailing without an argumentative tide,
Costa Rica ripples off
the starboard side; two twisting in love,
now listing
towards mankind.

They get close enough
to smell the sand, then
muscle beyond it
to a valley that splays open
an unwelten of olive,
fig, and apple trees.

It’s too soon for tourists,
shrieking children,
and souvenirs.  Tomorrow
will be all about sneaking out
for skinny dipping.

Clifford Brooks, a native of Athens, Georgia received a degree in History/Political Science from Shorter College in 1999.  Since then he has continued his passion for writing while working as a bookseller, juvenile probation officer, and social worker. His book, The Draw of Broken Eyes & Whirling Metaphysics, has been nominated for 2 Pushcarts, Pulitzer in Poetry, and Georgia Author of the Year. He’s a busy guy – find out more at: Clifford Brooks III – Poet | Author | Freelance Writer

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