P.A. Levy

Lucky Chance

arcade overture of jackpot pay-outs
and alien decapitation 
oh happy day
you had a handy ready smile
practiced by the seaside child feeding
a shove penny machine with two-
pence pieces and we danced
to the pay-out tunes and thought about
getting an early eighties synth-pop
band together

then your phone rang with a blue
monday ring tone
someone’s sad they don’t
know where you are

i was blowing away bad bastards when
your smile took my hand and led
me into the chip shop
all soggy hot in vinegar with 
a shanty’s worth
of salt how it should be you said
if we were by the sea
instead of in the city that we’ve become
wearing our nameless graffiti tagged faces
as an urban love expression

blue monday played again
we didn’t dance and then you left
if it had been snowing
if it had been sand there would be

i’m left holding a half-eaten bag of chips
in the depression of your afterglow
radioactively neon with the fall out
of locked up city shops and amber stars
on sticks
now i doubt even i exist

Born East London but now residing amongst the hedge mumblers of rural Suffolk, Pushcart nominee P.A.Levy has been published in many magazines, from A cappella Zoo to Zygote In My Coffee and stations in-between.  He is also a founding member of the Clueless Collective and can be found loitering on page corners and wearing hoodies at www.cluelesscollective.co.uk

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