Editor’s Note

The autumn issue is always my favorite of the year, and for good reason. We’ve had our summer fun, but autumn brings the realization that another long winter is about to put many of us into hibernation mode, so we get nostalgic for what once was. We begin harvesting and hording, preparing for the worst, and when the worst comes to mind, we start telling cautionary tales. That’s what autumn means to me, the remembering and the telling of tales. And while this issue is a little poetry heavy compared to others, we have a great cross-section of styles and voices here, everything from David M Morton’s tale of Clint Eastwood’s Halloween revelations to Changming Yuan taking us to the ends of the universe. I’m also happy to offer a review of The Blood of the Tourist by William Taylor Jr. Thanks again to all who sent in work, and thanks to all who have kept tabs on us down here at the camp over the years. We appreciate you stopping in!

See you down the road…

James H Duncan     

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