Andrew Taylor


the quiet days
    between Christmas
and New Year

Not working 
        not celebrating

Liner notes
an excerpt
      London Records (556 113-2) 1999

...all Ma’s and Da's
the fella who sorted out Mick’s PRS on Christmas Eve,
Eddie and the boys at Cash Converters,
Dr Detox from Stapleford, Hugo, Youth man

We’re living in an era
    where capturing moments
using our phones is more important than
      actually living these moments with whoever is beside us.

The fact that it gets
dark so early

like jet lag

Snowcave melting in Tempelhof

There is an increased patience
for cooking
and making
the apartment cosy

The sheen of a new shirt
wear for days
remove before eating

coloured paper chain
plant drape

ensure to draw
out of the sadness

Andrew Taylor’s latest pamphlet, Future Dust, is published by Original Plus. His full collection of poetry, Radio Mast Horizon, is published by Shearsman Books. Poetry has appeared widely in places such as The Morning Star, Poetry Wales, Instant Pussy and Stride. He is an editor at erbacce and erbacce-Press and co-edits M58, a blogzone of visual and other poetries.

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