Editor’s Note

Here we are, back in that seasonal hollow, that valley between the blazing summer sun and winter’s harsh winds, down where the real magic happens. It’s perfect weather…a little cool, still bright, and at night there’s a feeling of limitless possibilities, as well as a tension, a feeling that we’d better enjoy this before the long white death comes to blot out the joy of tramping along railroad tracks and back roads, of sitting idle around campfires and beneath bridges. And a lot of you must feel the same, because the membership of storytellers around the fire in this issue is larger than usual. We have ghost dancing and hospital visits, overseas travels and cemetery lamentations, we have happy times and the most miserable grief and heartache you can imagine. We have a book review and an interview, and a great cover image by my friend’s husband and avid outdoorsman, Mr. Brian Corey. So toss another log on the fire and pass that jug of wine. There are stories here to keep us through the whole night. 

Hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you down the road…

James H Duncan


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