Kerry E.B. Black


With a show of tentacles, the council decided to steer their ship into uncharted space.
     Oldman Magelan lodged the only negative vote. “We must follow channels. We don’t know what’s out there.”
    The rest snorted. “You have no sense of adventure.”
    “What if there’s trouble?”
    The craft hummed into the vacuum of the unknown without further conversation.
    When they landed on a small, blue planet, they met enthusiastic inhabitants.
    “I think we should stay. They love us,” said the captain. “In agreement?”
    All tentacles except Magelan’s raised. He stayed as they disembarked.
    He heard the locals’ cries. “We’ll make Sushi!”            

Kerry E.B. Black writes from suburban PittsburghPennsylvania.

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