Editor's Note

Welcome to the west, fellow hobos!

David and I here at Hobo Camp Review have wanted to do a western-themed issue for a long time. It’s a concept, place, mindset, era, etc., that has always intrigued us, so here we are, roaming the landscapes between Appalachia and the Pacific, the desert, the mountains, the plains, the California heat in the past, present, and some pretty twisted futures. Enjoy the many variations of what “The West” means to the writers within this issue.

Many thanks go to Mr. Tom Darin Liskey for our amazing cover image!

And I’d like to also quickly add that many of you sent in books for review, and this has been a rather busy period at HCR, so we only have one review at the moment but more are planned for the spring issue, which will have no theme.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you down the road...

James H Duncan

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