Matthew Borczon

Who Am I

What good
is there
in bleeding
all over
with these
stories of
women and
broken soldiers
who am
I to
spread these
outside of
my own
I already
wake my
children with
my screams
at night
and scare
my wife
with my
silence and
my psychiatrist
by refusing
pills so
who am
I to
speak about
things a
man should
want to

I am
another broken
American promise
poor working
class middle
aged man
who fell
for a
Roy Rodgers
John Wayne
line of
sands of
Iwo Jima
smoke screen
who packed
the wounds
and cleaned
the dead
who pulled
the staples
from human
stumps and
swept bone
fragments into
small piles
I’m the
guy who
had to
hold it
together until
I could
lose it
all in
night terrors
and dead
baby dreams
who still
looks for
survivors in
crowded bars
and restaurants
I am
the proverbial
poor boy
who fought
a rich
mans war
and I
am what’s
after you
raise what’s
of the flag.

Matthew Borczon is a writer and Navy sailor from Erie Pa, He writes about his time in the military and his service in Afghanistan in 2010-11. His work has appeared in many small press and online journals and his Chapbook A clock of human bones was just published by the yellow chair review.


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