Nina Lewis

Dali Clock

I had the matching watch to this clock, once.
Bent out shape, Roman numerals stretching
and shrinking melting towards the centre.
I didn't know you back then
and yet here is an object
we were both attracted to.
Glass protects hand and face
but it's nearly always one.

It has no function
except it stands on the second shelf
next to the picture of you and your godchildren –
all smiling and laughing.
A natural moment captured.
next to time
that has stopped.

Nina Lewis is a UK Poet based in the Midlands, her work has been published in anthologies, magazines and online. She regularly performs her poetry and is always on the look out for unusual events and commissions. Her Haiku poetry was used in an Art Installation and other poems have appeared on Poetry Trails. She blogs all about the writing life at

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