Paul Koniecki

in the age of salt we 

took the downtown train
i recalled your expression
in the reflection of
missing chrome detail and
dining-room car window glass
they caught us
jay-walking they pawned
our stolen moments of
disbelief you found seven
synonyms for inevitable i
took you with me
to the time trials
the faces in the
crowd were fluent in
braille my fingers laughed
my ears popped they
subpoenaed our papers and
a periodic table of
the elements in love
the corner of the
cover sheet was discolored
the water stain was
an escape route a
missing person a ferry
across the lake a
subterranean passageway a file
in a cake and
a portrait of you
i couldn't touch it
they took my finger tips
i couldn't tell you
they took my tongue

Paul Koniecki is a Dallas poet. His book Reject Convention is available through Kleft Jaw Press.

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