Ethan Ullman

Ethan Ullman is a comedian and producer, and his bio is vastly long (see below for my hatchet editing job) and I'm going to miss all kinds of things he's done over the years, but I knew Ethan before he started doing stand-up comedy and storytelling and he was hilarious even then. If you ever meet him, ask him about the time he went "Easter Treating" where he went door to door in a rabbit costume on Easter asking for candy. He got some. In this clip he tells us a story about his interactions with the staff at Wendy's. Hope you enjoy.     

Ethan Ullman is a stand-up comedian who lives in Schenectady, NY with his cat, Koogins. He co-produces Pretty Much the Best Comedy Show, a monthly comedy show that is pretty much the best. Two of Ethan’s stories (Y’all Got Hambu?, Lunch Monkey) have been featured on Kevin Allison’s renowned storytelling podcast RISK!, and as a clip in the 100th episode’s funniest moments montage. Ethan’s performed comedy on shows with Todd Barry, Brian Posehn, Doug Stanhope, Awkwafina, Myq Kaplan, Dave Hill, Annie Lederman, Shane Mauss, Dan St. Germain & Zach Sherwin and at places like Proctors & Funny Bone Comedy Club (Albany, Syracuse & Hartford). In 2014, Michaela McGee produced a docu-short about Ethan called Ethan Ullman: The King of All(bany) Media. If you look really closely during the scene in Ang Lee’s largely-panned Taking Woodstock where Demetri Martin is riding on a motorcycle, you can briefly see Ethan eating a watermelon.

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