Dianne Borsenik


—after “Tiger Lily and the Lost Boys” by Susan Gallagher

 lilies, stamened
 and pistiled, lush, stretching
 to meet touch, exuberantly

 petals beguile—
fiery tiger tongues curl
 and lick, textured like satiny

 mouths of
 the earth, tiger
 lilies promising to
 make love with rough, rasping tongues of


Dianne Borsenik is active in the northern Ohio poetry scene and regional reading circuit.  Her poems have appeared in The Offbeat, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Rosebud, and others; work is forthcoming in Chiron Review. Lit Youngstown put one of her poems on their tee shirts, which makes her feel like a rock star.  Find her at www.dianneborsenik.com.

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