Kevin Ridgeway

Across from the Final Home of Carson McCullers

she lived in an attic apartment of a converted
old Victorian that overlooks that white landmark
behind a historic plaque that told the tale of
a Southern offbeat who ran away from the past just
as she had.  she came undone up there, putting on
her best dresses and visiting a bridge she planned
to hurl herself from not far from that small bohemian
road where the sick retired to grow mad and die young,
but they sent her home to the west coast after months
where she wrote countless unpublished poems
while smoking cigarettes and having porch side drinks
alongside the ghost of another misfit refugee who
still haunts the Hudson shore, her heart forever
doomed to be a lonely hunter.

Kevin Ridgeway lives and writes in Long Beach, CA.  Recent work has appeared in Chiron Review, Nerve Cowboy, Lummox, Misfit Magazine, San Pedro River Review, 13 Myna Birds, The Cape Rock and KYSO Flash, among others.  He is the author of seven chapbooks of poetry.  The latest is A Ludicrous Split, co-authored with Gabriel Ricard (Alien Buddha Press). 

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