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Welcome to the best season of the year, when the air gets a little cooler here in upstate New York, the harvest festivals are popping up all over, people are picking apples, pumpkins, costumes, and getting ready for the big three holidays: Halloween, Turkey Day, and Jolly Home Invasion!

But first, one last spell down at the camp. And to start things out, we have the winner of our Flash Around the Campfire Competition! Our judge was Susan Sweetland Garay, who is the editor of The Blue Hour Press and is an incredible poet, who just so happens to have a new book of poetry out called Ebb & Flow (Boho Books), which you should definitely look into. She took her time and finally selected a flash fiction winner, a piece called "Warrior Women" by Hasan Jamal. Thank you both Hasan and Susie for helping us make this final issue of 2018 a special one!

And it may be our final issue here at the hobo camp for a while. We’re taking about a year off from putting out a digital issue, and as of now submissions won’t likely open again until late summer 2019 at the very earliest. We just need some time to work on other projects. But we do plan (fingers crossed) to release a 10 Year Anniversary PRINT issue in 2019. That’s right, ten years down at the camp, tending the fire for anyone passing through. More details about that are coming soon.

Thank you all for reading, for submitting and sharing work, and for trying to make the world a happier, more carefree place. That’s what being a transient poet is all about. Take care out there, and I’ll see you down the road…

James Duncan, Editor 

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