Laurie Kolp

That’s Not Me in the Corner

I am no longer your Pavlov dog
and you are not my metronome.

Stimuli can’t condition me, god.
I am no longer your Pavlov dog

salivating your greatness. Odd
how good it feels since I left home.

I am no longer your Pavlov dog
and you are not my metronome.

On Aging, Take 3

When dawn emerges foggy and damp
through the sweating kitchen windows,
batons draw spirals in the sky.

Swirling, the west wind wipes them away
like my memory, whispered secrets
seasoned in abandoned nests.

Laurie Kolp’s poems have recently appeared in the Southern Poetry Anthology VIII: Texas, Stirring, Whale Road Review, concis, Up the Staircase, and more. Her poetry books include the full-length Upon the Blue Couch and chapbook Hello, It's Your Mother. An avid runner and lover of nature, Laurie lives in Southeast Texas with her husband, three children, and two dogs.

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