Rebecca Kokitus


something in the way my
heart swells when the night sky
is threadbare. cigarette burns in
velvet that heaven shines through.
the moon holds my gaze so I know
magic is real.

empty interstates like scars
on a mountain range, sallow
streetlamps of sleepy hillside towns,
I trace constellations between them
from the passenger seat.
these are towns I could hide in
like dark matter for the rest of my life.

Rebecca Kokitus is a part time resident of Media, PA just outside Philadelphia, and a part time resident of a small town in rural Schuylkill County, PA. She is an aspiring poet and is currently an undergraduate in the writing program at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She has recent work in Rag Queen Periodical and Moonchild Magazine, among other places. She tweets at @rxbxcca_anna. 

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