Shannon Phillips

To the handsome guitarist playing in a cover band at a small bar right now

When you check out your chords, and I catch
your profile in the purple and ice
blue light, I imagine God is a master
artisan who oversees a workshop of apprentices
sculpting faces.

Like all brooding perfectionist
tyrants, God has an upstairs
office fronted by windows and when
he descends downstairs to inspect the day’s
work, he pauses at the station
of your artist, and decides
to add the finishing flourish himself.

Shannon Phillips studied creative writing at Cal State Long Beach. Her most recent chapbook, Body Parts, was published by dancing girl press in 2017. After teaching ESL for 3 years, she decided to study Arabic and is currently pursuing her goal of working as a translator. She is also the founding editor of Picture Show Press. Find her @hungrybookstore on Twitter.

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