Daniel Sennis

Captain Democracy

He used to be a regular guy.

Lacking in civic energy.

But then he happened upon

John Lewis's funeral on TV

and was struck powerfully by

the liberatory lightening that

was Lewis's life.


He started developing astounding powers.

In hours he could gather signatures sufficient

to place his entire town on the ballot.

In minutes, he could lick enough

envelopes to overflow a pallet.

In seconds, he could zip through

a campaign's whole voter call list.


And none of his enemies could match wits.

Not Authoritary Man with his

Fabricator and Hate Inflator.

Not Madam Media with her

mad damn Maddict Maker.*

Not The Cynic with his Dismissiles**

Or The Purist with his

Uncompromise Ring.


What can bring him down?

Challenging name pronunciation

or missing a dose of ADD medication.

His uniform is tight fitting, but not by design.

His symbol: the protest sign.

With his Voter Registrate Gun by his side,

he fires up citizens far and wide--

inflicting some serious Paine on those

who'd have our rights denied.


And when he is on the way,

you will hear him proclaim:

Today is a good day to

save our democracy!


*Which gives victims of rush of rage, then locks them in a worldview cage.

**No match for Capatain Democracy's Nayslayer.

Daniel Sennis is America's Most Attractive Writer. His first book of poetry, O Conman! My Conman! Sick Rhymes for Sick Times (Shires Press), was just published! He publishes his writing on his blog A Dan of Letters (danielsennis.blogspot.com) and his satircal news site Central North American News (centralnanews.weebly.com).

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