Editor's Note

When considering the autumn issue of HCR over the summer, we were all going through a lot. There were plenty of "Covid Issues" going up, political issues, and editions focused on the very important BLM movement and social justice themes. With all this upheaval, some of it long overdue and all of it painful, I decided to ask folks for pieces that felt like a breather, a pause, a moment to look ahead toward something better for all of us, and the themes I asked for were Hope, Opportunity, Belonging, and Optimism (aka, HOBO).  

Some of the poems and stories here have a strong connection to those themes, and some only lightly touch upon them, but they all form a campfire collective, an unburdening and a yearning for peace and togetherness. I hope you're all able to find ways to connect and share your stories during these troubled times, and even more, I hope we can all look ahead and see glimmers of hope. There's a better world out there, but it's one we need to build together free from injustice, hatred, greed, and ego. 

So come sit by the fire, rest your feet, and tell us something good, something optimistic, something true. The world needs to hear it. The world needs your hope.

I'll see you down the road...

James H Duncan, Editor


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