Julian Szieff



The beauty of bridges is in confluence

a paring on par with the greatest romance


Cherishing water and land, a person’s open hand

crossed the flowing ocean gives us a notion


That nature becomes us and flows through us

an arteriole of grandeur, cathedral of the swan


Each day an altar to a merger of wholes

spanning our crisscrossed separations



65 million years ago I drove through the fracture of Idaho

watching wind whistle willows

painting histories of stone

carving crumbling and cavorting

with water iced, sunlight baked,

lava loved.

I drove through again just days ago

surprised at the overlooked archaic in me

and knew that wind

smelled the paint

tasted the iron

and toasted the earth for its loving.

Julian Szieff is a poet and an EMT in Portland, OR. One of his greatest achievements was winning his 6th grade poetry competition. While he’s not working as an EMT or applying to medical school, he’s usually outdoors and/or writing. He can be reached at julianszieff@gmail.com. Twitter: @Julian_S_Poet

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