Carl Kaucher


on the bank of the Susquehanna
munching a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
I thought I could feel the axis of the earth
shifting in a news feed on my smart phone.
Reality is never truthfully known
yet the water keeps flowing
to all the low places
and the rivers never seem to drain.
Traffic congregates at the corner
then roars away
only to come again.
Answers are always inferred
from the context.
From a distance,
I can see the leaves and branches
of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
shuddering in a stiff breeze
reminding me
I saw the image of Christ
manifest in a puddley pot hole
just outside Port Clinton.
I saw new life arising
in an old church cemetery
somewhere beyond Adamsdale.
I have been through God and back again
with this line.
In the meantime.
I hear some crows mention my name.
They are sitting unseen in shadows
of some old and forgotten myth.
They are gesturing in crow rituals
and rattling the foliage
laughing large crow laughs to caw.
But what I really saw
was a cell phone tower
that had finally lost its power.
So, the revolution will not be digitized.
Seems, the world's magic potions
lost their original healing emotion
beyond the notion of a halo of light
shimmering from a dusk to dawn light
oddly glowing on a cloudy afternoon.
When the flowers are born again
they will look like pretend
but will beautify the nation.
We will illuminate the raindrops with our joy
and they will dissipate into the river
of truth and flow.
I keep wondering
if any of these words will be needed
after I drop out and go.
But I only know, the crows are laughing
at me comically fumbling with my cell phone
all alone, like a shadow.
And, when I finally look up
I see a young guy
pick up a crumpled Burger King bag
forage through it
and start munching.

Carl Kaucher is a poet, photographer, and urban explorer who lives in Temple, Pa. He is the author of two chap books, "Sideways Blues ( Irish mountain and beyond )"and most recently "Postpoemed" His work has appeared in numerous publications and on line. The writing explores his experiences wandering urban spaces near his home and throughout Pennsylvania. Using his photography and writing, Carl has been exploring the overlooked places and documenting the chance occurrences that happen to him and by doing so gives us the opportunity to reflect upon those similar events happening in our lives also. and on instagram @Carlkaucher.

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