Arden Donohue

Movies with Mom

The big screen is bright enough,
That I can look and see mom,
Watching from in the third row.
I walk over and sit down.
The scene is in daytime;
The screen is my moonlight,
Guiding me through the dark quickly,
Just as the headlights make a trail,
Revealing our road back home.
We talk about what we liked,
And discuss what we didn’t.
The excitement and surprises,
The confusion we had in the middle,
and excitement by the movie's ending.
But I had just seen the movie with her.
I wanted to hear her movie,
And share what I didn’t see.
Or that is how I remember it all,
Because I now appreciate her takes,
More than I could appreciate then,
Before a time like I live in now.
When I can be grateful for the movies,
I get to share with her in the present,
I don’t remember the negatives.
She could find the good in the bad movies,
When I only found the bad in the good.
Maybe now is the age my mother was,
when she learned to find the good in life.


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