Note From The Editor

Dear Campers, 

The holidays are over, unless you’re a big fan of NYE and the overwhelming burden of knowing our time is passing us by faster and faster with each year. In that case, party on. But here at the Hobo Camp, we’re battening down the hatches, stacking the fire wood, breaking out the thermal long johns, and getting ready for a quiet winter at the HCR cabin. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to share some tales by the woodstove. In this issue we offer a range of poetry and stories that explore winter living, from the thoughtful contemplations that come on cold winter nights to the annoyances of living away from society. There's even a sasquatch poem, for hobo's sake. It’s a mixed bag of experiences and emotions, as always, and I hope you enjoy the issue. The cover art is from the free-use section of the Smithsonian Museum online database and is by artist Kerr Eby (1889 to 1946). 

And a final note, I’m delighted to have Sage Ravenwood as our featured poet. When Raven's three poems came across our transom, they immediately called out for greater notice and couldn’t fit with our theme any better. I hope you enjoy Raven’s work and all the other great writers on display, and most of all, stay warm out there.

See you down the road…

James Duncan, Editor

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