T.C. Carter


The mist settled low in the hollows
    where the rivers and streams
cut the earth
    and the mountains rose up
like great sentinels.

The silence engulfed him
    like the first pure waters
of creation;
    not the silence that is devoid
of sound,
    but the silence that allows nature
to be heard,

the silence far removed from
    from human habitation
and pandemonium,
    the silence given to the ancients.

The full moon appeared in the sky
    like a golden portal into heaven
and the bowl of bright stars gripped
    the edges of the horizon
in a gentle embrace.

Out of the silence of the wilderness
    the songs of the night
broke through the veil,
    clear and unrestrained,
bold and brilliant,
    God’s creatures filling the air
with mating calls
     and death cries.

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