Dan Wilcox



You ask why I chose to live in the city

I smile, know the answer, I am content


The cars hiss by my window

From my chair I can be anywhere I please.





The day is shaping up to be like a poem

by one of those “New York School” poets

only this is not Manhattan

the streets of Albany not so busy


I stop for breakfast at the new café, closer to my house

than anything remotely resembling “Midtown”

& watch Jason across the street walking

with his wife & son in summer shorts


A bit further down the street, the workers are in the Park

Judy, their boss, from undergrad days

arranging summer plants after her tulips are gone

& it is starting to cloud over, & I smell poets

among the ghosts of Tess’ charred & silent Lark Tavern


I meet Moses in front of the Daily Grind

he praises God for conjuring me up

like a sawbuck on the floor of the Library

I wonder what the folks at the tables outside

think of our conversation –

poetry & basketball & the cost of cigarettes


Coming back from the print shop I run into Sharkey

& we remark on the poets on the street, why

we both come downtown, & I get a hug from Lynn who is still working


Later at Chrisan’s cafe it’s busier across the street

I keep an eye on Victorio’s bike, wonder

if it will rain before the bus gets here, & if

Albany will ever be as famous as Manhattan.



BIO: Dan Wilcox is the host of the Third Thursday Poetry Night at the Social Justice Center in Albany, N.Y. and is a member of the poetry performance group "3 Guys from Albany". In 2019 he was named one the year’s three Literary Legends by the Albany Public Library Foundation.

He also publishes poetry under the imprint, A.P.D. (albany’s poetic device, another pleasant day, etc.).  His own poems have been published in Post Traumatic Press 2007, Chronogram, Poetica and most recently in the anthology American Society: What Poets See, in other small press journals and anthologies, on the internet, as broadsides & in self-published chapbooks.  His chapbook boundless abodes of Albany is available from Benevolent Bird Press of Delmar, NY.  FootHills Publishing put out Gloucester Notes in 2015.  You can read his Blog about the Albany poetry scene as well as a selection of his poems at https://dwlcx.blogspot.com/.

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