Nancy Iannucci

Free Fallin’

If it weren’t for the wind / eyes wouldn’t tear / hair wouldn’t swear / fires wouldn’t spread / & your face / your face would face / instead it bends / a guilty cattail / free fallin’ / downdraft / of pints / bottles / &  shots / jingling / at your feet / bad boy / fallin’ in the shadow / good boy / pullin’ yourself out / Jekyll & Hyde / rollin’ on wood / free fallin’ / cycles / your head / spins / if it weren’t for the wind /your head wouldn’t descend/ your face would face / me / him / her / & them / your face would face / you / free fallin’.

Nancy Iannucci is a historian who teaches history and lives poetry in TroyNY. Her work is published/forthcoming in numerous publications including Bop Dead City, Allegro Poetry Magazine, Star 82 Review (*82), Gargoyle, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Typehouse Literary Magazine, Nixes Mate Review, Poetry Breakfast, Rose Red Review, Three Drops from a Cauldron, Picaroon Poetry, Dying Dahlia Review to name a few.

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