Meet the Editors

James H Duncan is the founder and editor of Hobo Camp Review. A poet and fictionist from New York, he has appeared in dozens of magazines, including Plainsongs, Apt, Red Fez, Reed Magazine, Pulp Modern, Poetry Salzburg Review, The Aurorean, Thick With Conviction, Up The Staircase, 3:AM Magazine, and many others. He is the author of five collections of poetry, has been twice nominated for the Best of the Net, and is also a Pushcart Prize nominee. A self-described hobo, he prefers to stick close to diners, used book stores, dive bars, railroad tracks, train station platforms, and your couch. He is a graduate of Southern Vermont College and fan of classic noir films. Visit for more about his work.

Former Co-Editors

Clyde Elliot hails from Salinas, CA. A semi-retired traveling journalist, his travelogues and articles have appeared in newspapers in Burma, Argentina, Napal, Ceylon, Mexico, Wales, Belarus, Corsica, Poland, Jamaica, Morocco, and Zaire. Oddly enough, none of his works have ever been published within the United States since his time as a beat reporter in Bennington, Vermont. A self-described hobo, Clyde has actually eaten beans from a can more times than he can remember and always keeps a translated version of Kerouac or Steinbeck in his rucksack so he can read to the locals. A true fact: his great-great-grandfather invented the modern incarnation of toilet paper. You’re welcome.

Samantha Schroeder dabbles in poetry, slaves away at fiction, and currently writes freelance material for a handful of magazines along the eastern seaboard. As a ghostwriter, Samantha has written extensively about the Beat Generation, female poets in the 20th century, and ELL education standards, but sadly cannot take credit for a single word (the cost of paying the bills). A self-described hobo, she will drink you under the table, but won’t help you up once you get there. Them’s the breaks, tiger. She spent one semester at Harvard, but attended no classes.


  1. well, i don't drink, don't even smoke, but i sure can dance, that is if ever i stepped out of hermithood.
    so, what's a zeppo?
    nadine sellers thanks you for the desert poetry exposure, breathing along. ns

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