Submission Guidelines

Special Note: The upcoming Summer Issue will have a general theme of 'Texas,' specifically the San Antonio/Hill Country region. Southwest poems and prose, and those with non-specific themes, will also be considered.


What to Submit:
We like travelers, troubadours, and transients of all shapes and sizes, especially those who can spin a good yarn, one with a sense of vagrancy, dark yet jovial and humble in the most outlaw manner possible. While we like to envision Steinbeck, Li Po, McCullers, Bukowski, and Kerouac sitting around a campfire eating hot dogs and beans with a stray dog named Tom Waits wagging his tail at their feet, we don’t want a rehash. We’ve been eating hash here for months and we’re sick of it. Be original. Be honest. Be on the move. We like tales from the road, Beat-ish poems with a little sparkle and a little dust, and stories that sound good by the firelight with the train running somewhere in the distance, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we like. Try us, we’re an easy going lot. We like to laugh, but we’re just as apt to get all sentimental about home. Either way, it’ll be time to move on soon, so nothing too long. Get creative, get entertaining, and get talking.

How to Submit:
1) No simultaneous submissions, and we no longer accept previously published work. We don't want a story we heard already. Give us a new adventure!

2) Submit ONCE per issue.

3) Only send one short story, one travel piece, up to 4 poems, and/or up to 4 pieces of artwork/photos per submission bindle. Regarding fiction: the shorter the better. Also, please be aware that all poems that appear online will be left justified and that special formatting doesn't translate well with the blog format (sadly). Keep this in mind when choosing poems to submit.

4) We'd love to publish guest columns and your reviews, interviews, or opinion pieces. Please query before sending those.

5) NO ATTACHMENTS (artwork ok) unless we ask for it; just copy and paste your text into the body of the bindle. Also, don't send links to your work, send your actual work.

6) No payment for work just yet (we are hobos after all), but we do have random cash prizes and awards.

7) Please allow at least two months to pass before assuming the camp moved on without you. You may query after that. We aim to respond to everyone’s work, regardless of acceptance, so hold tight. If we miss you in the night, our apologies.

8) Title your submission bindle like so: “Submission–Your Name Here” or “Query–Your Name Here” so we can keep track of everyone’s stake.

9) Include a short bio and any links to your website/blog. Please keep bios BRIEF. We'd like to know a little about you, but we don't want a resume. Also, we reserve the right to shorten bios.

10) For the time being, please send all bindles to hobocampreview [at]

Please note that as of 2011, Hobo Camp Review is an online-only publication. 

Legal Notification: Upon publication in Hobo Camp Review, all rights revert to the author. However, Hobo Camp Review reserves the right to publish your submitted material in any future print version of the review. If your work was published in Hobo Camp Review first and is republished elsewhere, please mention us. That's awful kind of ya.

All work displayed at Hobo Camp Review is copyrighted, so don’t get sticky fingers or we’ll turn you in at the next town. We're serious. A hobo with a grudge and a lot of time on his hands isn't something you want to deal with.
Guidelines are subject to change, so check back now and then. Thanks for stopping by the Camp, and we'll see you on the road…


  1. So, uhh, where can I find the email address to submit to?

  2. Nevermind, found it. I was looking for the actual (at) sign.

  3. We enlarged and seperated that part, so maybe it'll stick out a little more. Thanks for helping us keep the camp clean and orderly :)


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