Editor's Note

It’s high summer, and like many of you, hobos of all kinds are on the move. We travel by foot, by train (ticketed or otherwise), and by car, and the road-bound type is the focus of this issue—Highway Life. We have poems of radio songs and women who drive the escape car, crossing boarders and driving through the deep south, out west, up north, hitting motels and fast food joints…the road stretches on and on.

But we have some detours too (as usual) with an interview with an actual train-hopper, Aaron Dactyl, who eschews the roads for the rails. We have interviews with poetry reading hosts from all over the country, and we have a couple book reviews too. It’s a packed issue and I hope you enjoy looking it over from the wifi hotspot at the rest stop or the motel on the way to the beach, the country cabin, or on your way home.

A special thank you goes to Claire Ibarra for our cover image, "Speed."

Have fun out there, and I’ll see you down the road…

James H Duncan, Editor   

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