Mark Brunetti

The Museum of Moons

Some people think we are the way
we are because we only have one
moon around the Earth. That life
would be completely different,
people would not be so committed
to one another that buildings
would be underground
and most birds would not exist
without the gravitational pull
of the moon directing them south
each winter.

The Museum of Moons is more
of an experiment than a museum
and inside it gives the appearance
of a planet with multiple moons.
The people who spend the day
there do not change. They do not
act differently at all but maybe
its because they've only had one
moon for so long its really all
they know.

But some camp out under
the multiple mooned sky
for months and claim that it's
refreshing to live differently.
They never come out of the museum
the same and have a hard time
adjusting to only one moon
left in the sky.    

Mark Brunetti quit his adjunct job to manage a sculpture garden.  This past February he saw the groundhog predict the weather for the 10th year in a row.  He lives in Ocean Grove, NJ and used to be the editor for The Idiom Magazine but that went away....

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