John D Robinson


 All of us knew
 that he was 65
 years old
 with a dozen or
 more screws in
 his lower spine
 and hands like
 arthritic claws and
 that he was
 we all knew this
 and did nothing
 as he hobbled
 away into the
 freezing rain to
 go live back on
 the streets,
 all of us knew this
 and we did nothing
 because a policy
 stated we should
 do so; he didn’t
 meet an invented
 criteria of need
 and we watched him
 walking away
 we all knew
 and felt fucking
 useless because
 some stuffed asshole
 somewhere, being
 paid handsomely,
 made some
 decisions, not
 knowing of anything
 outside of a
 precious fucking
 we all knew
 and when he was out
 of sight
 we all knew
 that he’d still
 be here
 right with us.

John D Robinson was born in 63 in the UK; his work has appeared widely in the small press and online literary publications; Bare back Lit; Red Fez; Bold Maonkey; Your One Phone Call; Yellow Mama; he is married with 1 daughter, 2 grandchildren, 3 cats, 1 dog and he likes to drink wine and stare into space.

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