Robert Nisbet


They were everywhere, nowhere,
on relationship’s scale,
on the evening they came to that shingled beach,
thirty, forty, each attached, unattached.
A mild moonlight spilled around them
but it was mainly those bright spring stars
they loved. Nude bathing thoughts,
and all such thoughts, and all such thoughts,
rolled in with the night sea
but it was April, for all the warmth,
and they were somewhere, nowhere,
on relationship’s scale and it wasn’t a poem
and it wasn’t a novel, it was the two of them
walking, briefly not walking, embracing,
until they left the beach and the evening,
never really leaving them, and the night’s emblem
lay in their memories’ drawer
until they came to re-claim it.

Robert Nisbet is a Welsh poet with over 200 publications in Britain, as well as a number of appearances in the USA, in magazines like San Pedro River Review, Constellations, Illya’s Honey and Clementine Unbound.

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  1. I love this! At first I thought you were speaking of seals, coming to the beach at mating season. Then I thought a couple. Then I realized it could be either, and that the drive to couple/connect is universal.


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